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Training And Development

Our evaluation and hiring procedure.

Our evaluation and selection procedure for carers is regarded as one of the best. We educate new carers every now and then to deliver top-notch care in patient’s homes.

How our evaluation and selection procedure operate:

Strict interview process

To make sure the candidates who made the shortlist have the aptitude and demeanour we're seeking for in a carer, we put them through a rigorous interview procedure.

A five-day programme

Our training lasts for 5 days, and not everyone passes since we're seeking for a particularly high grade of carer to enable our customers' independence.

Expert-led training

Our courses are led by experienced assessors, who also provide a 2-day of training on how to handle the moving and handling equipment and provide basic life support.

CQC-compliant procedure

We must discuss a range of topics with every carer we hire since we are subject to CQC regulations, including customer service and medication.

How can we guarantee the highest level of care.

Our hiring process for carers at DHS is thorough. We take several measures to guarantee that we only employ the best carers.

We incorporate a lot of quality assurance procedures in our training and assessment process because we are committed to making sure that every customer can be completely certain that they will receive the high standards of care they deserve.

A rigorous hiring procedure

We only choose the most compassionate and devoted candidates to join our care teams because we are very picky about who we work with.


You may have complete peace of mind knowing that our care services are properly governed and overseen by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Directly contracted carers

We promise to always recommend a carer who isn't one of our employees and isn't overseen, trained, and hired by us.

Background investigations (DBS)

Before joining, all potential carers go through a number of thorough background checks to make sure they'll be a good fit.

Training that leads the industry

Every carer receives thorough training from us so they may provide care that is genuinely exceptional.

An individual-centred support strategy

We'll collaborate with you and your loved ones to provide you with a care package that is completely customised to meet your individual needs and preferences.

In accordance with the Care Certificate, our training focuses on the fundamental abilities and information needed to deliver care. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to support and care for others through the DHS approach.

You’ll receive training in a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Support for mobility: You will learn how to utilise hoists safely to help clients get into and out of bed, as well as how to help clients move securely throughout the home environment.
  • Personal Care:  Care assistance with tasks like bathing, dressing, and using the restroom that family members might feel awkward helping with.
  • Support for those living with dementia: You will receive instruction from professionals on how to care for persons who have all forms of dementia so that you are aware of what the condition entails.
  • Medication assistance: To give customers proactive and dependable support, you’ll learn how to safely organise and administer their medications.
  • Meal preparation: You will learn how to make meals, snacks, and drinks to a high degree and how to assist a client in adhering to a particular dietary plan.
  • Light medical assistance: Since many of our clients use stomas, catheters, colostomy bags, and other devices, we’ll make sure you understand how to maintain and care for them.

How do we assist our carers

Personal growth

We are very supportive of carers who desire to pursue relevant education and obtain credentials to aid them in their positions. Every DHS caretaker is encouraged to continue their education and pick up new skills.

Progress within the company

We want every carer to feel like a member of the DHS family, thus we provide our carers with outstanding professional advancement options. Many of our managers and senior employees began their careers with us as carers.

24/7 support helpline

Every DHS employee has access to our Employee Assistance Programme around the clock. This gives students access to a continuous source of assistance for everything from career guidance to mental health support.

Competitive pay

Our hourly rates for carers are significantly higher than the national average for the UK care sector. We only hire the best carers because we are so picky about who joins our care teams, and we make sure their remuneration reflects that.

Dedicated care manager

Your carer will have a dedicated care manager who will oversee their well-being and manage their workload so that they may focus their entire attention on taking care of you.

Coordinator team support

The ability to work well as a team is crucial in the workplace, especially for those in the care industry. You have another source of support and direction, which helps lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Join our team.

Visit our care jobs page and apply

Visit our home care jobs page and find a local job that suits you. Submit your application and we’ll give you a call.

Interview and assessment

We’ll arrange a convenient time for a friendly, face-to-face chat, so that we can get to know you properly.

Get Started

If all goes well, you’ll get started with your local care team and enrol on our industry-leading carer training.

Click here to visit our jobs page to find a care job local to you.

Prospective and current carers

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