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End of Life

What Is End-Of-Life Care?

We understand that the end of life journey is a deeply personal and emotional time for individuals and their loved ones.

End-of-life care, also known as palliative care, provides the support that is needed towards the end of someone’s life, allowing them to pass in the most peaceful and comfortable way. While some people spend their final days in a hospital, hospice, or nursing home, end-of-life care at home has become a preferred option for those who wish to spend their last moments in their own homes and surrounded by their loved ones.

At Divine Healthcare Solutions Limited, we focus on promoting independence and respecting your dignity and privacy. Your dedicated care manager will work with you and your family to understand what your specific needs are and how the chosen carer can maintain those important boundaries.

What Are The Options For End-Of-Life Care?

Live-In Care For End Of Life

A live-in carer will stay in the home with you, being on-hand to provide the support that is needed when it’s needed most. Live-in care can be arranged for as little as three days. You will just need a spare room for your carer to sleep in, although some families in emergency situations do provide a hotel or other place to stay.

Home Visits At Set Times

Your local Divine Healthcare Solutions Limited branch provides visits for set times each day or week. These can be from as little as 30 minutes all the way through to several hours at a time or a few visits each day. Among many other things, visiting care offers a very useful sitting service if a family member needs a few hours to rest themselves.

Overnight End Of Life Care At Home

If your loved one needs constant support overnight, maybe with medication, pain management, or going to the toilet, you can also arrange overnight care. It’s a valuable service allowing you, or another caregiver, to have a much-needed rest yourself so you can be fresh for the next day.

Funding For End-Of-Life Care

Finding the right support for a loved one can be distressing enough without having to worry about handling the financial side of it as well. Depending on your loved one’s situation, you might be eligible for funding from NHS continuing healthcare.

Continuing healthcare funding, or CHC funding, is provided over a length of time to help support those with different physical and mental healthcare needs. It can be used to support with daily tasks such as personal care and washing and ensures that your friend or family member can have access to the level of care best suited to their situation.

Our care advisors work closely with CHC and clinical commissioning groups to arrange an assessment and find the right carer who will help to support your loved one as they enter their final days. Speak to our team to find out more.


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