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Shopping Services

Everyday Assistance

Support from a Divine Healthcare Solutions Limited personal assistant to boost your independence and confidence.

Our support can make a world of difference, with special attention to only helping with the aspects you want by adapting to your changing needs. All of our personal assistants are thoroughly vetted and reference checked, and they have all undergone comprehensive training courses to gain the skills needed to fully support you at home.

Benefits Of Having A Shopping Companion

Visiting Your Favorite Spots

With our carer-assisted travel, you don’t have to stop visiting your favorite cafés, restaurants, parks, and day trip destinations.

Navigating Public Transport

Using public transport and getting to grips with timetables becomes really straightforward when you have someone alongside you to help out.

Exploring New Locations

Your personal assistant can drive or accompany you anywhere you like, including exploring new spots that you might not otherwise be able to visit.

Seeing Friends And Family

Traveling with a carer suddenly gives you the ability to visit and spend time with loved ones with much greater flexibility and without concern.

Maintaining Your Routines

For a lot of people, an independent lifestyle means being able to maintain as many of the same routines as possible, such as doing weekly shopping.

A Friendly Face Alongside You

Having a friendly, reliable, and supportive companion alongside you wherever you go can be a great source of comfort and reassurance.

Can Carers Help With Shopping?

Never go without the things you need and enjoy with support from Divine Healthcare Solutions Limited carer.

Whether they’re accompanying you to the supermarket, heading to the shops on your behalf, or helping you to place orders online, a Divine Healthcare Solutions Limited carer can make sure you have full control over when and where you do your shopping.


For further information on any of the services that we can provide for you, please contact us in the following ways:

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