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Supported Living

Our supported living services.

Everyone deserves a home to feel proud of. But our supported living isn’t just about modern, homely surroundings. It’s about providing support that fits seamlessly around you, with uniquely rewarding relationships that will help to build your confidence and independence. We provide supported living that helps people to gain more control over their lives, encouraging them to be confident and happy to make their own choices and decisions.

What is supported living?

Supported living (also known as supporting living) is a service that allows persons with a variety of support requirements to maintain their freedom while receiving the additional physical and emotional care required to live truly fulfilled lives in their own homes. Supported Living is there to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible and fully access their local surroundings. By not having to live in a care home or residential facility, you get to live much more independently than you might otherwise while enjoying the support and friendship of your dedicated carer, who will provide one-to-one, dedicated care. Whether you remain in your family home and have professional support on an occasional basis, or you wish to live on your own property and need live-in care to make this a reality, our amazing carers will work tirelessly to make sure you get to live the life you want to. Our person-centred care services will ensure that you are always fully supported, and your personalized support plan will include every aspect of your daily routine.

How We Deliver Home Supported Living Services

We provide both visiting and live-in care for assisted living, including respite care and care for complex disorders such as dementia and physical and mental disabilities. Visiting care is offered for only 30 minutes per week, which means you will receive regular care in your own home at a time and duration that is convenient for you. Our carers may assist you with anything from keeping your house clean and tidy to cooking nutritious meals and doing your laundry. If your needs are more complex and you require assistance with personal care, mobility, continence care, medicine, and overnight support, we can assist you as well.
You have access to your favourite aspects of the local community. Our live-in carers can do all of this for you, as well as provide you and your loved ones with further reassurance that you’re never alone at home, with companionship available around the clock.

Why Should You opt for Supported Living Over Residential Care?

Acknowledging, requiring care can be tough and intimidating at first, especially if you believe your only option is to enter a residential institution or care home. However, with Divine Healthcare Solutions Limited’s supportive care at home, you can stay in the place you love while retaining your independence and enjoying your life precisely how you want. When you have home care, you are always in charge; you pick how to live and what you do with your days, as well as when you wake up, go to bed, and eat. Your carer works for you and your needs, not the other way around, so you’ll never have to wait because your carer is too busy to support you.
Our professional supported living care will also encourage you to participate in activities outside of your home, such as social calls, entertainment, and day centres. Our careers are picked for their natural compassion and commitment, ensuring that they always provide the greatest quality care. And because we are fully regulated by the CQC, you and your loved ones may trust that we will always keep our continuously high quality.

What is supported living like with Divine Healthcare Solutions

Supported living is intended to assist people in leading fulfilling lives. We’re here to support and encourage each goal, no matter how big or small, whether it’s learning a new life skill like cooking or money management, having the confidence to take up a new hobby or make new friends, or taking the first step into volunteering or employment.
We understand how important it is to have the right support network beside you, so we carefully match our support team with each person, considering our team’s skills, knowledge, and specialism, as well as personality traits, hobbies, and interests, to ensure that we foster friendly and rewarding relationships.

How we create our supported living plans?

Our assistance plans are only prepared once we’ve gotten to know each person and gained a thorough grasp of their past, current circumstances, and future ambitions. Before we offer care, we have in-depth conversations with the person, their family, and any relevant care providers to ensure that we have all the required information and have taken the time to hear each person’s thoughts and preferences. Once a supported living support plan is in place, we monitor progress on a regular basis, identifying and applauding every accomplishment and encouraging everyone to set new goals to achieve even more.


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