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When should you consider hiring a paid caretaker to support you at home?

Our home care services’ adaptability allows you to live safely and comfortably in the location you know best: your own home. There are lots of homecare options available, even on a short-term, hour-by-hour basis, ranging from daily or weekly care visits to the dedicated support of a live-in caretaker.

The ultimate purpose of home care is to promote independent living that suits you, and your personalised care plan will reflect your specific needs to ensure that your support is fully focused on you, with as little or as much assistance as you require.

How social care is funded.

Funding from 2023/24

At the Autumn Statement 2022, the Government said it would make available up to £2.8 billion in 2023/24 and £4.7 billion in 2024/25 to help support adult social care and hospital discharge……  Read More

There are financial possibilities available to you if you or a loved one requires assistance at home. Call us now.

What do home care services entail?

You can live safely and comfortably in the place you know best—your home—thanks to the flexibility of our home care services. There are numerous homecare services offered, even on a temporary, hour-by-hour basis, ranging from daily or weekly care visits to the devoted assistance of a live-in caretaker.

The ultimate aim of home care is to enable independent living that works for you. Your bespoke care plan will reflect your precise needs to ensure that your support is totally focused on you, with as little or as much support as you need.

What is home support?

The word “home care” refers to a broad range of care services offered at home, either on a live-in or visitation basis, to support your independence and general well-being.

We recognise that everyone occasionally needs a little extra help. Whether you need assistance with household tasks, personal care, medication, or mobility, your DHS’s carer is dedicated to giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Divine Healthcare Solutions home care services provide the extra assistance, assurance, and company you might require continuing living freely at home.

But home care is not just for people who live at home.

Your designated carer will assist you in exploring new places and engaging in your interests as it has always been. There is really no compromise to your social life or way of life because they can even go on vacation with you or see your cherished family and friends.

I am incredibly grateful for the superb care that Divine Healthcare Solutions provided for my mum. We were welcomed by the personnel warmly and kindly from the moment we reached out to them.......  Read more

- Caitlyn from homecare.co.uk

More than just a home health care agency

You may rest certain that Divine Healthcare Solutions’ comprehensive range of homecare services is properly regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Unlike a homecare firm, we are a devoted team that will prioritise your needs.

Regardless of your health care needs, we are here to completely support you with our great home care, and we will work together with you and your loved ones to design a package of care that is right for you. Contact us immediately at 0333 5770655 to discuss your care requirements.

We are a Regulated home care services.

Although not all homecare is regulated, by selecting Divine ‘healthcare Solutions as your provider, you are opting for a service overseen by a specialist care manager and their committed staff to support you and your family.

This means your caregiver’s remuneration as well as their training and appraisals, are handled on your behalf, as are regular inspections and supervisions to ensure you’re getting the best care possible. You also get assured coverage when your carer takes a respite break or goes on vacation, which is all taken care of for you.

By selecting a well-dedicated home care specialist, you have an extensive network of CQC-registered managers and clinical professionals who have all educated within the NHS to assist you or your loved ones regardless of whether you require visiting care, live-in care, domiciliary care, or more advanced care.

They have very helpful and great staff who responded very quickly to any queries I had. My mother is very pleased with the care & support being provided by the care staff........   Read More

- Vanessa, Trustpilot

When should I think about getting home help?

There is no specific time, health condition, or diagnosis for considering professional home care services. It happens when you believe you require additional assistance to carry out daily duties such as food preparation or to live your life as you like.

Many individuals schedule home care at first to assist them with modest housekeeping tasks such as washing, changing beds, sweeping, and meal prep – especially after leaving the hospital. They may then increase the frequency of visits and call lengths to assist them with personal care, transportation to appointments, and companionship. This could potentially progress to 24-hour live-in or overnight care.

Anyone above 18 can seek home care, and we can also provide care to support those with specific diseases, such as industry-accredited dementia therapy. By opting for in-home care, you can also choose to remain in the setting you know and love rather than relocate to local care homes

What can home services do for me?

There are numerous aspects of home care that can assist you – or both of you if you live with a spouse or partner. Home care not only assists you directly but also provides further confidence to family members who cannot always be present that you are receiving the assistance you require.

The advantages of our homecare services include:

  • Maintaining independence; and
  • Remaining at home rather than moving into residential care.
  • Customised assistance based on your individual requirements and interests.
  • One-on-one care on your terms
  • Keeping home comforts, such as remaining with pets
  • Being near to your local community and friends
  • Flexible support that can adapt as your requirements change.
  • Condition-led assistance for learning disabilities, dementia care, and other special needs for care
  • Hospice and care at the end of life

What makes Divine Healthcare Solutions your first choice for in-home care?

Divine Healthcare Solutions is a client-focused, expert domiciliary and recruitment care company, that provides a wide variety of support services nationwide. Be it for private service users or those referred through social services and NHS CHC. Divine We are proud to offer unbiased, economical healthcare services. We are well-versed in how to deliver high-quality care that is centred around you. We can provide care that is of the highest calibre throughout England, ranging from 30-minute respite care visits to full-time live-in care.

We have been offering home care for some years now, and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) oversee the way we operate. They keep a careful eye on the quality of our care overall, as well as our leadership, training, and services. This guarantees that the support we offer complies with your care plan and is efficient, secure, and prompt.

Our carers uphold our reputation and are valued in the community. They are themselves part of our own community of special people wanting to deliver the highest standard of care, upholding the principles of kindness and compassion, to give our clients dignity and respect and their families the greatest gift of all, peace of mind.

We are emerging company with over 60 years’ experience among our team and we have the expertise to cater for individual needs. Our plan is to open more branches across the country; however, we have Care staff around Staffordshire and its surroundings, Walsall and its surrounding, and stoke on Trent borough and Telford and Wrekin. Therefore, if you need care and you live around this area, we have care professional nearby to help you and provide you whatever peace of mind you may need.

How to arrange home care services

Home care for you or a loved one may be easily arranged with the help of a committed customer service staff who are just a phone call away. They will go over all of your needs with you and set up an assessment with a local care manager.

One: Consult with our staff.

For a call-back request, please contact us at 0333 577 0655 or through message. Seven days a week, you can reach our customer service team to speak with them.

Two: A home care assessment

The local manager will come to you to personally to discuss your needs and find out what kind of care you're looking for.

Three: Care commences with further assistance.

We'll take care of all the details so that your care can begin, including introducing you to your visiting carers and assisting you select the ideal live-in carer. Then, as needed, your care manager provides further support, carer monitoring, and regular reviews.


Home care can include regular visits from a home care worker to help with personal care, shopping and preparing meals. Other services include ‘meals on wheels’, monitored personal alarms and household equipment, and adaptations to help with everyday tasks.

Numerous aspects of home care might directly benefit you, your spouse, or both of you. Home care is not only intended to help you directly, but it also gives family members who aren’t always around to aid you added peace of mind knowing that you are getting the support you need.

General housekeeping chores (such as washing dishes, cleaning the house, doing laundry, making beds, etc.) are frequently included in a home care provider’s duties. Additionally, they can assist in meal preparation and give dignified personal care (dressing, bathing).

You can call our committed team representatives today. They will ascertain your needs and set up a meeting between you and a care manager. In order to ensure that you receive the proper care plan that is specifically suited to you, your local care manager will then conduct a home care assessment with you to ensure you get the right package of care bespoke to you.

The cost of your home care greatly depends on how frequently and how intensely you need assistance but visits typically start at £24.00 per hour. With this, a fully trained carer will assist you at home with household tasks, medication administration, and many more. Overnight charges stay the same as well as prices for 30- or 45-minute visits.

We get to know you, your interests and activities on a personal level when you plan homecare. We’ll pair you up with caretakers who get along well and might wind up being close friends.

The interests of others are...

We’re available seven days a week to discuss your needs for homecare and help you choose the best course of action. Request a call-back by dialling 0333 577 0655, and we will call you.

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